...German and hybrid angora rabbits for the best wool

My rabbits are pedigreed German rabbits and a hybrid of German and French angora.  The German rabbits are white with the most dense wool.  The French have the colors; their wool is not as dense but does not mat easily.     The rabbits' wool is sometimes plucked, sometimes sheared and sometimes cut.  The good news is that the rabbit enjoys being held  and sheared.  My rabbits are very gentle; they can be litter trained and make excellent pets.  The rabbits can stay outdoors all year or be kept indoors.  The cold does not bother them; extreme heat can kill them.  I put  jugs of frozen water in the cage on very hot summer days.  The rabbits are for sale to anyone willing to come to Charlestown, Rhode Island.



using the drum carder to prepare the angora for spinning...

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