...capes  (all items available for sale...)

Hand spun and knitted 100% angora.  Hand spun, crocheted, and knitted angora with feathers.


 hand spun, hand knitted and felted handbags with angora embellishment  


  muff made from angora with knitted  trim


      angora ornamentation on felted hats

...berets, collars and boas, and headbands 

beret and collar.jpg (87562 bytes) Knitted beret (50% angora, 50% merino wool) and circular dickey (combined wool, angora and fanciful yarn).  Wool and patterns available.

beret and yarn.jpg (62905 bytes) Knitted beret with handspun angora/wool skeins.

boaberet.jpg (138712 bytes)  Knitted beret and woven boa (handspun angora, wool, and mohair.)

berets.jpg (122259 bytes)  Berets with various combinations and colors of angora and wool.

wrap around scarf 2.jpg (249235 bytes)  Knitted eyelet hood.    Knitted hood--great for walking on the beach.

magenta-headband-2.gif (129790 bytes) white-headband.gif (249794 bytes)    Knit a headband.  Headbands made from angora are fashionable and keep ears warm.  They can be worn alone or under any type of hat.


...boiled mittens, fingerless mittens, leg warmers and socks

NEBMitpix1.jpg (37668 bytes) New England Boiled Mittens.  Yankee Magazine in February of 1983 published an article by Robin Hansen on "women who knew how to knit woolen mittens that were nearly impenetrable to the cold, especially when wet."  These mittens are knit large and then repeatedly soaked in salt  water and shrunk until they are matted and dense.  "If you have a fisherman in the family, or if you spend much of the winter by the sea, try knitting a pair of these remarkably warm, thick, almost water repellent mittens for someone in your family."  The mittens  would also be good for anyone in winter sports.  A copy of this article is available with the purchase of wool (with permission from the publisher of Yankee Magazine.)  

fingerless mits2.jpg (271942 bytes) Fingerless mittens made from handspun angora.

  Mittens and scarf made from handspun angora. 

leg warmers.jpg (86447 bytes) Really, really warm leg warmers made from 100% handspun angora.  The color variations are my different colored rabbits. Very simple to make.

  Leg warmers from 100% handspun angora in white.

socks and yarn.jpg (290847 bytes) Hand knit socks made from Warner Wool--excellent insulating quality to this combination of wool and angora.  Limited amounts of wool and colors, pattern available.  Any sock pattern is appropriate.

 Socks knitted from the 70/30 blend.

wearable art socks3.JPG copy.jpg (546085 bytes) Wearable art socks, available pattern by Elizabeth Zimmerman, available to make with Warner Wool.  These socks are not meant to be worn with shoes.


...shawls, scarves, lap robes, and vests

shawl1.jpg (181122 bytes) Woven shawl with handspun and dyed angora, alpaca, and other combinations of yarn--again, really, really warm for that person who needs a lap robe when cold.  It is easily managed, a lot of warmth in a small garment. Lap robes and shawls may also be knitted or crocheted.

Rocking chair with lap robe2.jpg copy.jpg (493324 bytes) Another type of lap robe crocheted with Warner Wool and decorated with handspun and dyed mohair.

Jscarf.jpg (175448 bytes) gray-scarf-with-buttons.gif (441997 bytes) Natural handspun knitted angora scarf with wood buttons and crocheted scarf with antler button ornamentation.  Scarves can be kitted, crocheted, or woven with angora and other combinations of yarn.  The possibilities are endless.

Pink sweater vest1 copy.jpg (558971 bytes) Knitted vest of handspun angora and other yarns, then dyed.

    100% handspun angora



...some notes...

Products made from 100% angora can be extremely warm and heavy.  I have begun several projects with 100% handspun angora that I gave up on because I would have suffocated in them!  It is important to think of the finished product from this perspective.  

You can double click on the pictures for a better view.

Knit, woven, or crocheted items like the New England Boiled Mittens can be felted to increase the insulating qualities of the product; the original would need to be larger than the expected  finished product.  

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