...angora products    

fine gray.jpg (21816 bytes) ...wonderful roving for spinning--50% angora,50% merino top white # 1-1, gray #1-2, and fawn #1-3colors (all natural)  $4/ounce  


roving 50/50 white fawn gray

 gray 4 ply roving.jpg (252777 bytes) ...roving--63.64% wool, 36.36% angora (gray only) $3.25/ounce  #2



 plucked wool.jpg (75137 bytes)  ..plucked (limited amounts) angora or cut angora by the ounce  $5/ounce  #3 


plucked or cut angora

...3 ply 30% angora, 70% merino top  $4.50/ounce #4


Gray or White Angora/Merino Top 30/70




  gray 4ply.jpg (92325 bytes)  Warner wool colors copy.gif (477094 bytes)  natural gray or dyed Warner Wool 63.64% wool, 36.36% angora, 4+oz. skeins, 113 grams, 175 yards, 160 meters, average knitting gauge 4 stitches per 1", 10 rows per 2" $30/skein natural/ $32/skein dyed.  #4
washed wool.jpg (106566 bytes)  ...washed angora that is felted together for creative  adornment  $20/foot  #5

  ...matted clumps (creative felting) of angora for adornment  $4-$5 ounce (depending on the size of the clump).  Seconds of angora for you to felt are also available for $2 an ounce.  Instructions for felting are  included.  #6

...some notes:  

If you don't see what you would like in terms of angora products, contact me.  Some special orders may be possible.                angoraandworms@cox.net 

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